Introduction and usage of Artist Brush

Artist Brush: It is a special painting tool for oil painting. Generally, the barrel is made of wood and the brush bristles are made of pig bristles. There are also a few wolves and chemical fibers. According to the shape of the pen tip, there are 12 types of round pens, flat pens, fan-shaped pens, and line pens. The sizes are 1#-12# from small to large, and there are also some large models. Artist Brush plays the most basic function in the oil painting process. Handy brushes can bring interest to the artist’s work. The choice of Artist Brush depends on the painting technique. Artist Brushes of different textures, shapes, and models have different functions.

Artist Brush should be soaked in warm water with detergent (household detergent is very effective for oil cleaning) after using it every day, but do not soak the pen barrel, otherwise the paint will be soaked. If the color of the pen base is not cleaned, it will accumulate after a long time, and the length of the pen bristles will be shortened invisibly. The second is to insist on washing after every day. Wash the color on the pen thoroughly, squeeze out the water, wrap it in newspaper according to the shape of the pen, and keep it as good as a new one every time you paint.