Shape classification of kabuki brush

A good blusher also needs an easy-to-use kabuki brush to achieve the maximum polishing effect.

Pointed round brush
Also called fan-shaped brush, the handle is purely round, the brush is also made in a perfect circle, the most common, 90% of the kabuki brush on the market, the shape of the bristles is rounded, the easiest to eat, the color is obvious, but it can have a halo. Dyed and soft effect.

Round brush
Use pearlescent powder that looks like blush, but the texture is like powder. The pearly luster can lift and shine the face, and the amount of powder is small, and it is not excessive to apply on a large area or even the whole face.

Angled brush
Also called trapezoidal brush, it has a more line feel and can brush out obvious areas. It is usually used in areas that require special emphasis, such as the chin, the bridge of the nose, or the C outside the eye. This brush is also used for contouring, also called shadow brush.

Flat brush
It is also used to brush loose powder. The powder quality of this brush head is more docile and can make makeup more durable.