Basic information of lip brush

Makeup brushes are essential tools for making makeup. Whether it is fresh and light makeup; or bright and bright makeup, makeup brushes are also indispensable. Appropriate use can make the makeup look more durable, and the effect will be more perfect and natural. There are many types of makeup brushes, and lip brush is a makeup tool for applying lipstick. The contour of the lip line is clear and the lipstick color is even. Choose a lip brush with harder and finer hair, which helps to draw the lip line and apply color. Even from an economic point of view, it is necessary to prepare a few more lip brushes. The lip brush can easily use the remaining lipstick in the lipstick tube without waste; if there is no lip liner, it can also be used to draw the lip line; if there are several lipsticks, you can use the lip brush to adjust the new color , Make your lip color unique. More importantly, using a lip brush to apply lipstick is more dexterous, and the color will be more even and detailed.

Use of lip brush
1. Lip brush can help you repair lip defects to the greatest extent and fill up lip wrinkles.
2. Make the lip color fuller, not floating, and make your lip makeup more submissive.
3. Restore the true color of lipstick to the greatest extent.