Regarding each type of brush, what we need to pay attention to is the shape and size of the brush head. The shape of the brush head determines which part of the face the brush head is suitable for. The size of the brush should be adapted to the specific application area. It is very important to choose the right brush head and size.

Generally speaking, foundation brushes have three types of brush heads: flat head, round head and flat head:

1. Flat-headed foundation brush is very common. It is very suitable for brushing some moisturizing liquid foundation or powder cream, and the entire makeup can be easily done with a few brushes. It can be matched with a triangular beauty egg Just apply the traces cleanly.

2. The round-headed foundation brush is very versatile. You can brush foundation, blush, and repair cream. Adding your own makeup is relatively light, so it is not recommended to use this round-headed foundation brush. It’s fine to smudge your face in circular motions.

3. Flat-head foundation brushes are also very common. They are suitable for liquid foundation with some thickness and will not brush out powder marks, but some small corners of the face are not easy to take care of. When using flat-head foundation brushes, the speed must be fast.

There are also many types of brush heads for loose paint/contour brushes on the market, the common ones are cone, flat, inclined, fan and round.

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