Introduction and common sense of makeup sponge

For friends who are used to make-up, make-up sponge is an indispensable good helper. Its biggest function is to clean the skin, push the foundation evenly on the skin, absorb more foundation, and correct the details. If you like refreshing makeup, then you must have a fanatical love for them. Because of frequent use, new materials and shapes will appear every once in a while, so I can’t help but buy it home and try it.

When you apply liquid foundation to your nose, corners of your mouth, around your eyes, and hairline, a makeup sponge is the best tool. If you use a makeup sponge to rub the blush, the effect is also very good; when doing the base color, you can first apply a few base colors on the face, and then wipe it with a makeup sponge; you can also use a makeup sponge to modify the lip color, you can apply makeup first Apply the lipstick with a makeup sponge until the color becomes softer.