There are many types of makeup brushes, and the functions of various makeup brushes are also different. The following is an introduction to various common makeup brushes.

1. Loose powder brush:
The brushed powder makeup has a silky texture, and the makeup surface is more clean and lasting.

2. Concealer brush:
Use a concealer brush to apply the concealer to the areas that need to be concealed, such as spots, acne marks, dark circles, etc. It is usually used in conjunction with a foundation brush. Using a concealer brush can make the concealer effect more even and natural.

3. Blush Brush:
Brush the blush with a natural curvature, blending shadows, and perfectly highlighting the contours of the face.

4. Eyeshadow brush:
a wide variety. Need to prepare eye shadow brushes of different sizes to match different eye contouring methods.

5. Eyebrow brush:
With eyebrow powder, it can draw a fairly natural eyebrow shape. It is easier to control the intensity and shade than the eyebrow pencil.

6. Lip brush:
Precisely outline the lip shape, make the lips fuller and more uniform, and longer lasting.

7. Foundation brush:
Used to apply liquid foundation, the requirements for brushes and liquid foundation are relatively high.

8. Facial contour brush:
The characteristic is that the brush head is 45°, the size is similar to the blush brush, and the bristles are thicker.

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